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When an Irish citizen dies abroad

The Funeral of a Child
Pre-Paid Funerals
The death of a child is a tragic and distressing event and is most upsetting for all concerned. Our role at Kearney Funeral Directors is to give good advice and practical support in a compassionate, caring and competent manner.

At Kearney's we are personally available at all times in a sensitive manner to assist with the funeral arrangements for a child that has died.

We will provide the guidance required for each individual client family in arranging the Funeral of a Child with both Clergy and Cemetery or Crematorium.

We suggest that the arrangements should not be rushed. We will ensure that all options as to the type of funeral are presented to you.

We guarantee that those making the arrangements with us will be treated with the care upon which our reputation has been built.

With quality of service and care, We are a shoulder to rely on.

"As a family you care what happens when it happens...
As a family company, so do we."

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