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When someone dies while in another country it often happens suddenly or unexpectedly. We at Kearney's, offer a fully professional service in this area of repatriation. Our experienced personal are available twenty four hours a day for advice.

We in Kearney's, have access to contacts world-wide for the purposes of repatriation.

The services we provide include;
The appointment of a Funeral Director in the Country where the death has occurred. If insurance is in place, (V.H.I. or travel insurance), we will liaise with the Insurance Company to appoint the Funeral Director overseas.

Liaise with local Funeral Director in obtaining Coroner's clearance. Registration of documentation (Coroners, Embassy/Consular Mission). Preparation and Dressing /Embalming * Selection of coffin / shipment case. Arrange all airline bookings.

When all of the arrangements for repatriation are in place, we will advise and assist the family in making the Funeral arrangements at home in Ireland.

It should be noted that it may take 4 to 7 days for a repatriation to be finalised.

* Embalming; not all countries offer a high standard of presentation of the deceased after death. Thus, viewing may not be possible in some instances, on arrival in Ireland.

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