A brief guide to our funeral charges...
At Kearney Funeral Directors, our Service, Support and Administrative Charge includes all administration, staffing and facilities. Also included are the professional services; arranging and supervising the funeral; mortuary facilities for viewing, guidance with certification and registration; dealing with correspondence; preparing and submitting press notices as required; receiving and listing floral tributes and In Memoriam donations; attending to all documentation and disbursements; our funeral director will staff the funeral on the day.
Our vehicle charge provides for the use of a hearse over a twenty mile radius from our premises. We are able to offer weekend and distance mileage funerals elsewhere in the county and country.
We can provide a Basic Simple Funeral, as required by The National Association of Funeral Directors. Embalming we regard as an essential element of our traditional funeral service, and no additional charge will be made outside of basic cost of embalming. A complete list detailing our services and costs are available, where our personal contacts will be happy to explain them.
The cost of a Funeral is made-up of two distinct types of charges:

1. Charges by the Funeral Director
The cost is dictated by each individual family requirement and can vary from €1,700 upwards.
The Funeral Directors charges relate to the style of coffin chosen, the removal of the deceased from the place of death to preparation room, the embalming of the body, the removal back to the residence or Funeral Home, the transportation requirements for the public removal to Church and the cemetery. The charges also include the Funeral Directors Professional Fees for the co-ordination and arrangement of all aspects of the funeral.
For any queries on the cost of a funeral, please telephone 091 797167 or 085 1266133.

2. Disbursements
These are payments made by the Funeral Director on behalf of the bereaved family at the time of the funeral.
They may include: grave purchase, grave opening, doctors and coroner's fees, cremation fees, newspaper announcements, flowers, fees to organist/soloist, offerings to Church, gratuities etc.
It is normal that disbursement payments are paid to the Funeral Director at the time of arranging the funeral.

The range of charges/fees is as follows:
Grave Purchase; from € 450.00 to €5,000.00 and upwards.
Grave opening; from € 400.00 to € 1,200 (some County Councils charge a "Registration" Fee in addition to the opening fee).
Cremation Fees; from € 475.00
Newspaper Announcements; from € 150.00
Flowers; from € 50.00
Organist's fee; from € 100.00
Soloist's fee; from € 100.00
Offering to Church; from € 100.00*
Gratuities; from € 80.00* *At family discretion
Thus, monies paid out by the Funeral Director at the time of the funeral could range from
€ 1,200.00 to € 7,000.00

While Funeral Costs can run high we, at Kearney Funeral Directors, we are aware that in most cases few families are ready for the additional burden of funeral costs and offer competitive rates at a difficult time for families.

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