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When an Irish citizen dies abroad

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(The shipment of a deceased person from Ireland back to their Country of origin for burial or cremation).

What to do when a visitor/non-national dies, often unexpectedly, in Galway, or any part of Ireland.

Unless a doctor has been in attendance prior to the death, and thus, is in a position to issue the Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death the deceased person becomes the responsibility of the Coroner for the area (e.g. Galway County).

Who should be contacted first?

In the case of an unexpected death, the Garda Siochana must be alerted immediately. They will then advise the coroner who will arrange for the deceased body to be removed from the place of death to a mortuary facility.

The coroner will instruct a pathologist to conduct a medical examination (post-mortem) to determine the cause of death. Following this procedure, with the Coroner's permission, the deceased body will be released to the Funeral Director, on behalf of the family.

Who will arrange the shipment of the deceased body back to the country of origin?

The Funeral Director will then co-ordinate the appropriate documentation with the coroner and the relevant Embassy of the Country of destination.

The Funeral Director will arrange for the embalming of the body of the deceased. This will enable family at home to view the deceased when returned to that Country.

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